ACT Performance Analysis

Practice Like You Play.

Recommended for 7th – 12th Grade Students.

Practice Test

Full-Length Practice Test on a Saturday Morning.

Score Report

Raw Score and Scaled Score for each section along with a Composite Score.

Detailed Analytics

Category, Passage, and Question-by-Question Level Report.

Builds Confidence!

Build Test Endurance and Confidence for Test Day.

Who Should Register for a Performance Analysis?

  • Not sure where you stand on the ACT?

  • Need to discover your areas of weakness to grow you score?

  • Desiring more opportunities to practice in between ACT exams without the extra expense?

  • Trying to determine how much preparation you need to put in to reach your goals?

  • In middle school and wanting to get a feel for the exam and create a vision for the future?

Register for an ACT Performance Analysis

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Note:  We recommend that students arrive between 7:45 am and 7:50 am prior to the test starting at 8:00 am.  The Performance Analysis test typically finishes between 11:50 am and 12:00 pm.  Students should bring several pencils and a calculator for the test.

*All Performance Analysis test are held at Christian Life Preparatory School at Christ Church, 5253 Altamesa Blvd. Fort Worth, TX 76123.  NOTE: Please do not google “Christian Life Preparatory School” for directions as it will take you to the wrong location. Please use the address provided if doing a search for directions.

The Buzz

“Dr. Tarpley has successfully created a prep course featuring tons of visual aids, testing techniques, and time management exercises. The course is built to improve overall ACT scores as well as serve individual needs of students. When beginning the course, I stressed my need for improvement in the math section, and my math score was raised 8 points. Needless to say, I would recommend the course to anyone and assure them that whether they have problems with a particular section of the test, all of the test, or have never taken the test, the course will raise their score and be well worth the time and effort.”
- Student, Aledo High School
After using the TarpleyPrep course, I raised my overall ACT score, which raised my scholarship by $22,000!
- Student, Covenant Classical School
This course erased any doubts I had on achieving a high score on the ACT and obtaining college acceptance! Both the practice test days and the course book do an excellent job of preparing you for the test. My score increased to a 30!!
- Student, Christian Life Preparatory School
I found Dr. Tarpley’s ACT Prep course to be very helpful in increasing my test score and making me feel prepared for the actual ACT test. Because of his course, I was able to raise my composite score a whole 8 points. I am very glad I took Dr. Tarpley’s course.
- Student, Team School
We cannot recommend Dr.Tarpley’s ACT Prep Course highly enough! Our child attended a different prep course prior to TarpleyPrep, and came away overwhelmed and with very little sense of being helped practically or individually. In the TarpleyPrep course, the clear teaching, strategies, and individual attention combined with the experienced, competent instructor produced results. With confidence and preparation, our child took the test and increased her ACT Composite Score by 6 points! At her college of choice, that brought the scholarship level from $20,000 to $56,000! If you’re looking for an excellent course, you’ve found one in TarpleyPrep!
- Student, Christian Life Preparatory School
I enjoyed every session I attended, and my score increased by 3 points. Dr. Tarpley explains everything with great clarity and he makes you think outside of the box. I would definitely take this course again and would recommend it to anyone who is willing to work hard.
- Student, St. Ignatius of Loyola College Preparatory School
Dr. Tarpley’s course gave me the skills to succeed on the ACT in a way that was both fun and professional. I recommend this course to anyone who is looking for an engaging test prep course that yields real results.
- Student, St. Peter's Classical School
I came into the course with the mindset that I could just get away with doing the minimum, but that wasn’t the case. I learned that I would only get what I put in. I later cracked down and work hard and when the results came in my score increased by 3 points. Thank You TarpleyPrep for everything!
- Student, Nolan Catholic School
Our son attends Christian Life Preparatory School. I cannot recommend Dr. Tarpley enough in helping students to prepare for th ACT. Dr. Tarpley on several occasions aided our son concerning questions specific to his needs concerning preparing for the ACT and increasing his scores. Dr. Tarpley truly cares about his students and does everything possible to help them succeed. Our son and I have found him to be very encouraging and very qualified.
- Student, Christian Life Preparatory School

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